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Comandi Utili in Dominio AD

Group policy

Whenever you apply different options, policies or both with WSUS you always want to know if the changes are made as you plan.

  • The GPOs usually takes to 90mins on client computers to be applied, so if you want to see the reaction on a client with a group policy remember to use on the client this command-line:
    gpupdate /force
  • And when you try to see what happens with the updates, there’s a command line that you can use to automatically ask the WSUS server for new updates:
    wuauclt /detectnow

Remember, if you have set to download the updates automatically on the clients, to see if there are new updates available, you must wait until the client downloads all the updates and then the notification will appear.

Forzare WSUS


wuauclt /detectnow

attendere un pò poi vedere il file windowsupdate.log in c:\windows

Last updated: 11 Febbraio 2015 by Pierluigi Minati