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Power Supply Rigol DP831A

List of recently acquired Programmable DC Power Supplies,  Model Rigol DP831A

HW procured by: David Macii, DII

HW procured in: September 2014

HW currently located: LD Meccanica Povo1


S/N DP8A161250037, Inventory 5000010490

S/N DP8A151500090, Inventory 5000010491

S/N DP8A152800299, Inventory 5000010492

S/N DP8A152900308, Inventory 5000010493

S/N DP8A152900307, Inventory 5000010494

S/N DP8A152900311, Inventory 5000010495

Last updated: 8 Gennaio 2016 by Mauro Hueller