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DMM Rigol DM3068

Testing of 4 recently acquired Digital Multimeters,  Model Rigol DM3068

HW procured by: David Macii, DII

HW procured in: May 2015

HW currently located: LD Meccanica Povo1


Testing performed:

0) Box content

1) DC voltmeter (reading power supply output)

2) DC current meter (reading power supply output)

3) AC voltmeter (reading function generator output)

4) AC frequency(reading function generator output)


All tests succesful


S/N DM3O170900079

S/N DM3O170900087

S/N DM3O170900075

S/N DM3O170900077

Last updated: 18 Maggio 2015 by Mauro Hueller